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Your retailer for high quality fish and seafood including a big variety of specialties from Asia. Find the products you are looking for – everything from a single source. The latest trends for your experience at first hand. Our range offers products from fish to vegan and packing from kilo to pallets. We are looking forward to support you.

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Ensuring first-class and consistent quality has been our top priority since our founding in 1975. For us, responsibility begins directly at the source. Together with our long-standing trade partners and producers, we focus on reliability, first-class quality and continuity. We respect the environment, the diverse products and all our customers who rely on our experience. Greater importance should be attached to food in our society. Our products stand for pleasurable and conscious eating. We devote our entire expertise and energy to meet these standards in order to fulfill the increasing customer demands.


Sea-urchin roe „Reito Nama Uni“ are for sophisticated sushi-/sahimi-lovers one of the main delicacies. The golden-yellow roe will be removed by hand out of the spherical marine animal. The taste: mild, sweet-nutty and a little fish flavor. In Japan the sea-urchin roe are quiet popular to use as an aphrodisiac.

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IFS Wholesale
EU Regulation On Organic Farming
Authorised Economic Operatur (AEO)
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC-C-50605)
Iceland Responsible Fischeries
Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC - C-00112)
Best Aquaculture Practices
Global G.A.P.
Bundesverband Fisch
Warenverein der Hamburger Börse E.V.