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About Kagerer

Since more than 40 years we supply the high-class hospitality in Germany and the European wholesale with fish, shrimps and shellfish from all over the world. Today we are one of the leading importers for seafood and delicate food in Europe and are specialized on a large assortment of sushi and convenience products, as well as ingredients for the creative cuisine from South-East Asia.

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Kagerer & Co. GmbH
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Our purchase and sales department are working hand-in-hand by choosing and processing the right raw material in the origin, which is essential to comply with the needs of our customers. An expert team of merchants and chefs consult and care about our customers to achieve the best possible satisfaction. Attendant to this team is also staff from Japan, China, Thailand and many more to fulfill linguistic and cultural desires. The intercultural exchange and the exotic products are an exciting challenge on which we grow every day.

Yearly auditing our present suppliers goes without saying. Our quality department consisting of food technologists, nutritionists and nutrition scientists execute regularly analyses of all products in independent accredited laboratories, assure declaration and specification as well as are specialized in German and European food law. Kagerer & Co. GmbH is certainly IFS certified on a higher level. Visit our quality page.

Another central role is our logistic department. How can we provide the supply chain for our sensitive products from the origin to Germany and subsequently to our customers? It requires organizing ability, negotiating skills and detailed knowledge of the logistic industry. Our specialists take care of import, export and the transport to our customers. In Munich and Hamburg we operate our specific frozen and dry warehouses for an optimal storage.